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These are folks that don't read their emails or check the web to find out if our hike has been cancelled or NOT!
Arriving at Tucker Coliseum 2/28/15
The Conway Contingency
(Lila, Mary, Paula, John, Chris and Heidi)

Paula making believe SHE was
an angel.....

Must have worked, she was
about to lift off!

Some were angels...
some were NOT!

Waiting on the rest of the
Takahikers to show up?
The rest got the message!

They have mighty good
Cinnabons at Pilot
(Worth the trip to Rusl.)

So to make the best of a
bummer day....they head to Petit Jean.

Paula was dared to do this...!
Took 30 minutes to get her off.

Lots of snow at Seven Hollows

The Natural Bridge

Might be a snowball fight
in order?

The OHTA has commissioned and now has for sale the first map of a set titled, Ozark Highlands Trail–Boston Mountains, West” covering the OHT from Lake Fort Smith State Park to Ozone Campground (miles 0 to 86).  (The second in the series will cover from Ozone Campground to Woolum (Mile 165);it is expected to be available in the fall of 2015).  This shaded relief, 1:35,000 scale topogrpahic map is completely up to date with accurate trail mileage labeling and location, scenic area icons, road names and numbers, 50 ft contour intervals, GPS UTM/UPS 1,000 meter labeled grid lines, interpretive and map use information and more, all presented on rugged, waterproof stock folded to 4 3/8 x 9 3/8.  You can get your copy at ozarkhighlandstrail.com or timernst.com or at Pack Rat in Fayetteville or Rose Drug at Clarksville.

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  • Dedicated to the promotion, preservation and enjoyment of hiking trails in Arkansas
  • Trail maintenance, conservation and education
  • Organized group hikes (See Scheduled Hikes)
  • Trail information and maps
  • Meetings last Tuesday of each month (Oct.-May)
  As of 2/14/15:

459 Hikes

  8010 Hikers

2001 Miles  

Slot  Rock

Little Missouri
Hiking Arkansas

Hawksbill Crag

Seven Hollows

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  TAKAHIK (Pronounced "take-a-hike")

See Organization Video: Length: 1:44 min

   Danny and Brenda Hale and their friends, Steve and Becky Hern, had been tossing around the idea about starting a local hiking club for several years. They were finally convinced to do so, during a slide-show presented by Tim Ernst and William McNamara, a nature photographer/hiking enthusiast and a nature painter respectively, when a sign-up sheet was  signed by over 50 people expressing an interest in such a club.

    Being encouraged by the response, an organizational meeting was held on January 26, 1999 in Russellville.  A large crowd attended and after discussing some of the goals, projects and benefits of a club,  TAKAHIK  River Valley Hikers, was official organized. 

     Meetings are held each month which include various programs on clothing, equipment, hiking trails, literature and books available, trail maintenance,  future and on going projects, videos, trip planning (in and out-of-state) and scheduled hikes for the upcoming month. 

    Meetings and memberships are open to anyone interested in enjoying a part of Arkansas that most never get to enjoy.  Great for families, friends and even your pets.


Officers Jan. 29, 2014- Jan. 27, 2015

President - Danny Hale     Sec./Treasurer - Steve Hern     Membership Coordinator - Mary Ann Rollans

Trail Maintenance Coordinator - Dale Boeh     Events Coordinators - Bill & Gerry Hemmer



Contact Danny Hale:  (479) 968-7922 or 479-886-2625 Cell or Email takahik@takahik.com


217 Canterbury Circle,  Russellville, AR 72802

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