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The Alum Cove Natural Bridge Area is a looping trail that wanders past the Natural Bridge, across a small stream and to a bluff line with caves, rock overhangs and a smaller natural arch. The Natural Bridge (Arch) is 130 feet long and 20 feet wide and is one of the largest in the Ozarks. Early settlers reportedly used it to move their wagons and livestock across the streambed during wet weather. Native Americans used these rock overhangs for shelter while on hunting trips. At one time free-roaming goats inhabited the caves, giving the formations the local name, "Goat Houses".
To get to Alum Cove (35.86005°, 93.23297°), take Highway 7 south from Jasper, 14.6 miles or 14.0 miles north from Pelsor, to Highway 16. Go west, 1.1 miles on Highway 16 to FR 1206 (NC 8766, Wayton Road) or from Deer take Highway 16 north, 1.0 miles. Take FR 1206 north, 3.1 miles to FR 1206A (NC 8776 Dr) and the sign for Alum Cove. Take FR 1206A east, 0.2 miles to Alum Cove parking area.

Sign at CR 28 (Wayton Road) (NC 8766 Rd)

Steps up to Pavilion

Group Picnic Area/Grill and Pavilion
(South side of parking area)
User fee required. Handicap accessible.


Picnic area, tables/grills north of parking area
Handicap accessible. No camping allowed.

Sign at Trailhead
35.86042°, 93.23336°


Bench #1 and Sign In
35.86111°, 93.23356°

Bench #2 35.86098°, 93.23470°

Arriving at Alum Cove Natural Bridge

South side Alum Cove Natural Bridge

Bench #3 35.86213°, 93.23347°
East of Alum Cove Natural Bridge

Arriving at bottom of Alum Cove
Natural Bridge from the east.

Alum Cove Natural Bridge
35.86181°, 93.23388°

Alum Cove Natural Bridge

Bench #4 35.86253°, 93.23361°

Bench #5 35.86310°, 93.23340°

Bench #6 35.86271°, 93.23439°

Footbridge 35.86329°, 93.23418°
Bench #7 35.86364°, 93.23433°
Bench #8 35.86326°, 93.23490°
35.86293°, 93.23516°
Inside Arch looking east
Inside Arch looking south

Bench #9 under smaller Natural Bridge

35.86275°, 93.23521°
Looking up at Natural Bridge
Looking out from Natural Bridge
Cave #1
35.86231°, 93.23571°
Porthole inside Cave #1
West entrance of Cave #1
Waterfall 35.86217°, 93.23597°
(Pic by Carlton2000)
Cave #2 East Entrance
Inside Cave #2 looking East
Inside Cave #2
35.86132°, 93.23612°
Cave #2 Looking out South Entrance
Cave #2 South Entrance & Steps
Bench #10 35.86157°, 93.23551°
Bench #11 35.86170°, 93.23428°
From Bench #11 looking up trail