TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Treat Road sign, aka FR 1805, CR 14 and
Maupin Flat Road

Existing house belonging to
Bobby and Virginia Waterman Merritt
DO NOT Park in driveway

Parking Area along road
35.63663°, 93.15798°
The field across the road from the house
is on private property.

Monument on east side of house inside
chainlink fence.

The monument, to the left, is located on the east side
of the house and it reads: Dedicated to the memory of
Dave and Stella Freeman Waterman. Established 1938
with love from those who loved them and this land.
Interred in Treat Cemetery.



Entering Ozark National Forest

2nd Parking Area
(Two or three parking spaces)

Wildlife Pond

Access Point "A"
Main Intersection
35.63522°, 93.13565°

Arrow marking way to Buzzard Roost

Access Point "B"
Intersection to Natural Bridge
35.63570°, 93.13420°

Natural Bridge (Rainbow Rock)
35.63525°, 93.13313°

Photo by The Natural Arch & Bridge Society

Road to Buzzard Roost from Main Intersection

Primitive Camping Area
35.63412°, 93.13427
(Walk through camp to access
Buzzard Roost)

Painted tree marks trail to Roost

Buzzard Roost
35.63372°, 93.13343°

Looking SE from Roost

Small Arch on left side of Roost

Small Arch
35.63427°, 93.13345°
Begin your hike down to the Small Arch and make
your way around to the right along the bottom
of Buzzard Roost.

Frog Head Rock

Entrance to Cave

Inside Cave looking out

The King's Castle

Water Slide