TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Parking Area #1 36.08357°, 93.23350°   Parking Area #2 36.10523°, 93.26787°

Parking Area #3 36.07297°, 93.26498°    Parking Area #4 36.07230°, 93.25877°


Parking Area #1 Cecil Cove Loop Trail

Crossing the Buffalo River heading to Erbie
may be hard with river is UP!
36.07545°, 93.22472°
Old Erbie Church just before trailhead
36.08325°, 93.23298°
Erbie Trailhead & Parking Area #1
36.08357°, 93.23350°
Even going to Erbie the "back way",
 crossing Cecil Creek & Cove Creek

can be an obstacle during high water.
36.08848°, 93.22548°
Restrooms at Erbie Trailhead
You will be crossing Cecil Creek several times!
Van Dyke Springs
(South side of Cecil Creek)

After fourth crossing of Cecil Creek

36.08977°, 93.25267°
head up creek going south to
Thunder Canyon Falls
You will have to cross back and forth across
this slot creek to Thunder Canyon.
Thunder Canyon Falls
36.08460°, 93.25428°

Rock Wall (Back on Cecil Cove Loop)
36.09418°, 93.25978°
Intersection Sign
36.09740°, 93.26055°
(From here you can head uphill to finish
Cecil Cove Loop or head to the North and go to
Broadwater and Paige Falls and Parking Area #2)
Cecil Cove Loop heading uphill
(Pic by Exploring NW Ark)
Jones Cemetery
(Pic by Exploring NW Ark)
Jones Homestead
(Pic by Exploring NW Ark)
Rock Wall of Faddis-Keaton Homestead
(Pic by Exploring NW Ark)
J.W. Farmers Homestead

Parking Area #2 to Cecil Cove Loop Trail 

Road to Parking Area #2
(Across highway from Volunteer Fire Dept.
on Hwy. 43)
36.10242°, 93.29935°

Parking Area #2  36.10523°, 93.26787°
From here walk north along road
to Broadwater Hollow.

Road at Broadwater Hollow
36.10555°, 26823°
(There is a trail on east side of Hollow))

Paige Falls
36.10538°, 93.26738°
Broadwater Hollow Falls

 Campsite #1
36.10072°, 93.26012°

Campsite #2
36.09937°, 93.26003°
Old Homesite near Campsite #3
36.09413°, 93.26058°

Location Map
Driving Directions: From Jasper (downtown) take Hwy. 7 north 3.3 miles to the Erbie Campground Road (Route A) ; continue on to 5.7 miles just across the
Buffalo River Bridge at Pruitt (Route B); continue on to 11.7 miles to Erbie Road (Co. Rd. #19) (Route C) just south of the north entrance to Dogpatch;
Route A: Erbie Campground Road turn left off of Hwy. 7 and go 5.6 miles to Erbie Campgrounds; continue on to 6.3 miles to Buffalo River crossing (during high water
you will not be able to cross the river, take Route B or C); continue on to 7.1 miles to Erbie Trailhead.
Route B: At road just past Buffalo River Bridge turn left and go 2.3 miles to an intersection, stay left, continue to 6.0 milrs to an intersection, stay left; continue
to 9.4 to Cecil Creek crossing (during high water you may not be able to cross, take Route C); continue to 10.2 miles to Erbie Trailhead.
Route C: At Erbie Road (County Road #19) turn left (Marble Falls Full Gospel Church is located at this corner) and go 1.9 miles to an intersection at Basin Church;
turn right and continue to 3.0 miles to an intersection; continue left to 7.3 miles to Cecil Creek crossing (during high water you may not be able to cross; if you
have tried Routes A and B already and could not cross you may be out of luck!); continue on to 7.9 miles to Erbie Trailhead.
Ponca (Buffalo Outdoor Center) take Hwy. 43 and go 8.1 miles and turn on County Road #19 across the highway for the Compton Post Office;
go 6-miles, passing the Compton Trailhead; this road is not maintained after about 3.5 miles and at McFerrin Point.
Compton Post Office on Hwy. 43 go 0.8 miles and turn on a road across the highway from the Volunteer Fire Dept.; go 2-miles and park before you
get to Broadwater Hollow crossing (this road is pretty rough also).