TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Parking Area

Sign on Hwy. 7
35.89295°, 93.19025°

Entrance to trail

Access Point "A"
35.89302°, 93.19392°

Entrance flagged, heads northwest

Access Point "B"
35.89366°, 93.19401°

Trail crossing this side creek
35.89565°, 93.19333°

Arriving at top of WF #1 Fern Falls
35.89748°, 93.19250°
(Note: Cross creek before Fern Falls and access
down below the falls on the north side)
Cross above waterfalls at Access Point "C"
38.89722°, 93.19273°
Acccess Point "D"
35.89791°, 93.19283°

There is a steep access point to below on
south side of Fern Falls
Access Point "E"

35.89778°, 93.19247°

Fern Falls

Head on down the trail before going down below
Fern Falls and find this access point down....
Access Point "F" 35.89894°, 93.19090°

It will lead you to the bottom of this waterfall.
35.89908°, 93.19080°
I named this one WF #2 Scarsdale Falls
since it joins property owned by
Rev. Richard Scarsdale