TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Access Points "A"  35.89698°, 93.45097°   Access Point "C" 35.88851°, 93.44267°
Access Point "D" 35.88957°, 93.42811° (Old Road)

Parking Area
(West side of Cave Mt. Road)

Hawksbill Crag Trailhead
35.89822°, 93.45809°

Access Point "B" (WF#1-Haley Falls)
35.89350°, 93.44688°

Below Haley Falls
WF #2 Mule Trail Falls
35.89363°, 93.44988°
WF#3 Thousand Kisses Falls
35.89242°, 93.45053°

Whitaker Creek looking NW up Lower Fork
Access Point "C"
35.88851°, 93.44267°

Looking up at Hawksbill Crag-zoomed shot from
Whitaker Creek

Whitaker Creek

WF#4 Fossil Falls
35.89032°, 93.43734°
(WF resulting from recent rock slide)

Some of the many fossils on the exposed rock
at WF#4 Fossil Falls

Old homesite (Now used for a campsite)
35.88923°, 93.42822°

Old homesite (Upper)
Located next to old road (aka Ladder Trail)
35.89095°, 93.42939°

Heading up Ladder Trail
35.89189°, 93.43088°

Access Point "E" (Ladder)
35.89371°, 93.43137°

National Forest Boundary Sign just
above ladder. (Please stay south of this boundary
as you head west and respect private property)

Sign denoting Private Property
35.89388°, 93.43228°
(There is a visible trail west of sign)

Trail heading west towards Hawksbill Crag

Sitting Tree along trail
.89355°, 93.43568°

Approaching Hawksbill Crag (East side)

Hawksbill Crag
35.89095°, 93.44042°