TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Access Point "B" 35.93808°, 93.39943° (Trail & Old Road)
Access Point "C" 35.93427°, 93.40957° (Trail & Old Road)
Access Point "D" 35.93950°, 93.38873° (NC 9575 & Hwy. 21)
Parking Area #2 35.94046°, 93.39018° (Gate on NC 9575)

Boxley Trailhead Parking
35.94540°, 93.39890°

Built in 1900, Burnt in May, 1990
Located just north of Boxley Trailhead
Foundation is still there......

Access Point "A"
35.94475°, 93.39982°

Whiteley-Edgmon Spring
35.94460°, 93.40008°

Whiteley Cem. 35.94457°, 93.39915°

Old Whiteley School
35.93802°, 93.39913°

Gate 35.83626°, 93.40123°

Old Cattle Guard  35.93511°, 93.41282°

Entrance to Hedges Homestead 

 Hedges Homestead
35.93602°, 93.41445°


Hedges Home May 1986 by Randy Templeton

Iron Wagon Wheels


Wagon Hubs & Axle

Wagon Hubs & Axle

Front of Tool Shed

Back of Tool Shed

Entrance to Barn

The Old Edgmon Barn
35.93762°, 93.41422°

Campsite (East side of barn)

Heading to The Hedges Hole

Buffalo River 35.93703°, 93.41217° (The Pickle Hole) Named for W.P. "Pickle" Edgmon)
(aka The Hedges Hole)

USGS Gaging Station
35.93898°, 93.40503°

Solar Panel for Gaging Station

Boxley Valley Quarry
35.94323°, 93.40040°

Margaret and Harold Hedges
They had an intense love for the land and were best remembered for
their efforts to protect the Buffalo River.
In 1979 they conveyed approximately 711 acres, including their homestead
to the National Park Service for addition to the Buffalo National River.
On January 1, 1991 their home was destroyed by fire apparently caused by arson.
Harold passed away on March 5, 2005 at the age of 91.
Margaret passed away on October 10, 2010 at the age of 93.