TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Iron Springs Recreation Area is located on Hwy. 7, 4.7 miles north of The Shack in Jessieville or

10.4 miles south of the Hollis Country Store in Hollis.  The Ouachita Trailhead is located 1.4 miles north of Iron Springs Rec. Area

The Trail is rated moderate and is a total of 4.6 miles with a steep climb to the top of Short Mountain. From OT Trailhead it is a total

of 360 feet elevation climb and a 470 feet elevation climb from Iron Springs.

Parking Area at the OT Trailhead

OT Trailhead
34.77402°, 93.08825°
Mile 160.4

Entrance to Hunt's Loop and the OT

Intersection after crossing bridge
(Left is a short WC accessible conc.
trail and is also the Hunt's Loop and OT)
(Straight ahead is Hunt's Loop and OT)

Sign at Intersection
Access Point "A"
34.77379°, 93.08837°

Sign In Box for the OT
34.77368°, 93.08855°

Typical Trail Markings
(Blue - OT, White - Hunt's Loop)

Steps leading up.......

Green Thumb Sign
34.77264°, 93.09144°

OT Mile Marker 160
34.76924°, 93.09301°

Wildlife Pond just passed MM 160

Intersection of the OT at Mile 159.4
Access Point "B" 34.76274°, 93.09240°

Typical Trail along Short Mt. Ridge
(Hunt's Loop)

Short Mt. Vista (Looking Southeast)
34.75814°, 93.07847°

Who Goes There? Friend or Foe?

The actual Iron Springs
34.76138°, 93.07316°

Intersection of Hunt's Loop and Trail leading
to Iron Springs Recreation Area
Access Point "C" 34.76149°, 93.07285°

First bridge leading to I.S. Rec. Area

Entrance to Hunt's Loop Trail
34.76181°, 93.07268°
(Located at the west end of I.S. Rec. Area)

Sign at Hunt's Loop

Wood Bridge over Middle Fork of the Saline River

West Entrance to Iron Springs Rec. Area

One of the Parking Areas at Iron Springs
34.76214°, 93.07123°

Iron Springs Recreation Area

One of three covered picnic tables
No overnight camping (flash flood area)
15 Picnic Tables (including 3 covered)
Trash Containers
Public Water
Access to Hunt's Loop Trail and the OT

Now back to Hunt's Loop....heading northwest
back to the OT Trailhead
34.76149°, 93.07285°

Picnic Table along Hunt's Loop
34.76132°, 93.07338°

Bridge #1 on Hunt's Loop
34.76278°, 93.07576°

Bridge #2 on Hunt's Loop
34.77085°, 93.08243°

Vista overlooking Hwy. 7
34.77354°, 93.08490°

Intersection of the OT with Hunt's Loop
Access Point "D" 34.77358°, 93.08544°

South end of WC accessible trail
34.77354°, 93.08741°

Sign and Bench
Arriving back at the OT Trailhead and Parking Area