TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Map Prepared by TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
Ozone CCC Camp,  Project F-27, Company No. 1708, October 28, 1935
and Company 3742, April 1, 1939


Entrance Sign
35.67210°, 93.45073°

Entrance from Hwy. 21 (FR 1401)
35.67208°, 93.45097°

Parking Area at Pavillion
35°40.290', 93°27.040'

From Pavillion looking west to "A"

"A" Entrance to CCC Interpretive Trail

35.67162°, 93.45023°

"A" Plaque

"B" Flagpole Base
35.67173°, 93.45001°

Welcome to Camp Ozone Bulletin Board
35.67162°, 93.44994°

Map of Camp Ozone

"C" Bulletin Board

Typical Menu and Classes

Some of the men at Camp Ozone


The CCC's Prayer

"D" Fish Pond

Homestate Pride
35.67159°, 93.44968°


Camp Ozone enrollees building a stone wall.

This goldfish pond, in the shape of the state of
Arkansas, was skillfully contructed by
Camp Ozone enrollees.

This pathway, heading north, goes to the
northern Camp Ozone.

"E" (No Picture)
Location of Officiers Quarters
35.97148°, 93.44965°

35.67123°, 93.44920°

Unidentified Building Location

Rest & Recreation

Camp Ozone CCC officers stand
at attention.

A group of Camp Ozone CCC enrollees
enjoy a game of pool in the Recreation Hall.

Three enrollees pose for a picture before
going on liberty.

Former Camp Ozone CCC enrollees gather here
each spring for a reunion picnic.

From "F" looking east.....

Site of Recreation Hall
35.67093°, 93.44868°

Site of Library & Education Building
35.67087°, 93.44863°

Site of Unidentified Building Location
35.67083°, 93.44853°
"J" (No Picture)
Site of Infirmary
35.67068°, 93.44815°

Barricks on Main Street
Main Street was a dirt road lined with stones,
which can still be seen.

Main Street (Looking west)
(Showing stones lining both sides of road)

Sleeping Tight
35.67084°, 93.44909°

Located at midpoint of Main Street

Unidentified structure.

Enrollees stand at attention outside a building
being constructed.

CCC enrollees are inspected inside the barracks.
Camp Ozone started as a tent city, with little
permanence and the men sheltered by only
thin fabric.
The barracks, located along Main Street,
provided a shelter and moved the men out
of the elements, keeping them healthier and
offering a safe place to rest at night.
Today Camp Ozone is only foundations and
small stone structures.  The building walls
were removed and sent to military
facilities.  CCC uniforms were sent to China
after patches and insignia were removed.

Life on Main Street

35.67103°, 93.44936°

"M" Life on Main Street

A view of the barracks along Main Street

CCC enrollees look on as the
American flag is unfolded in the morning.

Wildland firefighting.

Staying Clean
35.67064°, 93.44936°
The latrine area provided sanitary facilities for
the men at Camp Ozone.
The products are common personal
items a CCC enrollee may have had.
A CCC enrollee cleaned up and ready to
go to town on liberty.
Latrine & Showers
(Building approx. 20'x75')
Looking east
Looking west

Site of Kitchen and Mess Hall
Three Squares a Day
35.67133°, 93.44978°
Preparing daily meals for hundreds of men was a
full-time job, and included serving large batches of
common recipe foods in the dining hall. Special
effort was made for holiday meals.
 CCC enrollees learned meat butchering skills,
which led to future career opportunties.
During the Great Depression, may men were
undernourished and underweight. The average
enrollee gained 10 to 12 pounds. This met part
of the goal to rebuild the nation's young men.
The ice house kept perishable foods cool during
hot Arkansas summers.  Working in the
building was an enviable job during those steamy
days. The men used large metal tongs to move the
large blocks of ice.
The kitchen staff, composed of CCC enrollees,
was responsible for feeding everyone in
the camp three times a day.
NE Corner of Kitchen and Mess Hall
Sign with "R" Supply Storage Building
to the left.
Stone lined pathway leading south.

"S" (No Picture)
Concrete Steps 
"T" (No Picture)
Unidentified Building Location 
"Q" (No Picture)
Additional Supply Storage 

Machine Shop lost in the jungle.
35.67265°, 93.44965°
Drain Pipe near "W"
8-Piers of Walking Bridge
35.67248°, 93.44980°
"U" (No Picture)
"V" (No Picture)
Vehicle Oil-Changing Area 
"Y" (No Picture)
Forest Service Office) 
There were many other rock foundations, etc. that were not located on this discovery......too much undergrowth.....will visit again. 


Picnic Area

Entrance Sign
35.67210°, 93.45073°

Entrance FR 1401
35.67208°, 93.45097°

35.67181°, 93.45060°

Pavilliion/Picnic Shelter

Water Faucet

Pavillion/Picnic Shelter (Back)

Vault Toilet

Pavillion Use - Donation
Pavillion (reserved) $35/group/day
Contact Pleasant Hill Ranger District
(479) 754-2864 Clarksville

Pavillion/Picnic Shelter
Sheltered, rear patio, grill.

Camping Area

Entrance to Campground
35.67119°, 93.44864°

Bulletin Board
Camping Fee: $3; Day Use Fee: $3
8-Sites for RVs and Tents, No hookups

Rock Service Building

Campsite #1
35.67094°, 93.44814°

Campsite #2
35.67093°, 93.44770°

Campsite #3
35.67109°, 93.44769°

Campsite #4
35.67130°, 93.44733°

Campsite #5
35.67149°, 93.44724°

OHT Access
35.67166°, 93.44734°

Vault Toilet
35.67167°, 93.44753°

Campsite #6
35.67176°, 93.44782°

Campsite #7
35.67138°, 93.44798°

Campsite #8
35.67126°, 93.44850°

No Metal Detecting or Digging

Do NOT Feed the Bears


Ozone Trailhead

Entrance to OHT from Hwy. 21

Forest Road 1456
35.67259°, 93.45046°

Trailhead Parking
35.67305°, 93.45065°

Additional Parking
North of Trailhead

Bulletin Board

Trail Access

Access Route Blue Markers

Sign In Box at Intersection
35.67329°, 93.45024°

Intersection Access Route and OHT
Old Mile 85.7

Entrance to OHT on south
side of Hwy. 21

35.67273°, 93.44993°

Entrance Sign