TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Turn left just before crossing the bridge
0.25 miles north of north entrance to Bayou Bluff.

Middle Fork Illinois Bayou Bridge on Hwy. 27

Forest Road 1376 (aka Middle Fork Road)
WF #1Snow Creek Road Falls
35.54051°, 92.95216°
(Pic by Jeremy Walter)

07257460 USGS Gauging Station on Middle Fork
35.54293°, 92.94956°

River Height Gage

Discharge Cable across Middle Fork
(Gauge is attached to this for measurement)
WF #2 Deception Falls
35.54489°, 92.95060°
(Pic by Jeremy Walter)

Snow Creek Crossing
(During high water there is a parking area just before
the crossing on the right. It is 0.5 miles on to
Penhook Hollow Parking Area)

Parking Area #3 for Penhook Hollow
35.56015°, 92.94792°
(At end of FR 1376)

ATV Trail heads north from Parking Area

Blue "U" on tree next to ATV Trail

ATV Trail

Drainage leading to Hitchhiker Falls
Access Point "B" 35.56607°, 92.95382°
(It is best to cross this drainage and hike around
the corner and hike up the north side)

WF #3
35.56366°, 92.95609°

WF #4 Hitchhiker Falls
35.56721°, 92.95693°

Cut Trees along ATV Trail
35.56805°, 92.95267°
(You can head east from here and come out
on top of Penhook Hollow Falls)

This is drainage, which is the upper Penhook
Hollow, that leads to WF's #5-7
Access Point "C" 35.57046°, 92.95220°

Heading to the WF's #5-7

WF #5
35.57106°, 92.95213°

WF #6
35.57108°, 92.95250°

Heading back down Penhook Hollow to
the top of Penhook Hollow Falls.

Top of WF #8 Penhook Falls

Looking back up stream from
WF #8 Penhook Falls

First view of WF #8 Penhook Falls
from below.

From underneath falls looking down
Penhook Hollow

WF #8 Penhook Falls
35.56745°, 92.95155°
(Pic by Zack Andrews)

WF #8 Penhook Falls

WF # 9 Conc. Slab Falls
35.56602°, 92.95203°

WF #9 Conc. Slab Falls (closeup)
Why the name? The top of the waterfall
looks like two concrete slabs!

Top of WF #9 Conc. Slab Falls

WF #10 Hole in the Rock Falls
35.56569°, 92.95115°

WF #11 Waterslide Falls
35.56548°, 92.95083°

WF #12
35.56532°, 92.95078°

WF #13
35.56456°, 92.95063°
WF #7
35.57077°, 92.95276°
Access Point "A"
35.56514°, 92.95292°
Access Point "D"
35.56867°, 92.94994°
Access Point "E"
35.56261°, 92.95061°
Parking Area #1 35.54023°, 92.95026°
Parking Area #2 35.54465°, 92.94931°

The Diggins
35.56405°, 92.95032°