TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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Exit 35 at Ozark Highway 23

Entering into Hog Country

Parking area at Hwy. 23 and Hwy. 215
(Just north of Cass)

Hwy. 215 and FR 1003N leading to
Redding Campground (2.7 miles from Hwy. 23)

Redding Campground and Boat Launch
at Parking Area "A"

Parking Area "A"
35.68164°, 93.78673°

$3 Parking Fee at Parking Area "A"

Looking at Launch Area

Rock Patio Launch Area

East Launch Area

West Launch Area

Looking back at Parking Area "A"

Restrooms north of Parking Area "A"

Redding Loop Trail
 Access Point #1 (35.68221°, 93.78583°)
begins across the road from the restooms,
between campsites 20 and 21.

Trail leading to Access Point #2

Access Point #2 (35.67796°, 93.77880°)
Intersection of West and East Loops

Parking Area "B" (35.67991°, 93.77753°)
Hwy. 215 and entrance to Redding Campgroung

Sign at entrance of Redding Campground
and Highway 215

Trail heading south to Access Point #2
from Parking Area "B"

Trail heading north, across highway from
Parking Area "B"
Access Point #3 (35.67992°, 93.77705°)
Redding West Side Loop

Parking Area "B"

Parking Area "C" (35.67776°, 93.77315°)
0.2 miles east of Parking Area "B"

Trail from Parking Area "C" (Access Point #10)
35.67766°, 93.77325°
heading west to Access Point #2

Access Point #9
35.67833°, 93.77160°

Redding East Side Loop
North side of Hwy. 215

Access Point #4 (East side of road)
35.69496°, 93.76146°

Parking Area "D" (35.69809°, 93.75858°)
1.8 miles from Hwy. 215
(You can access Spy Rock Spur by heading north
from parking area)

From Parking Area "D", you can follow this
road up the hill, passed the gate and
on top of the hill you will intersect the

Redding Loop Trail.  Turn left (east) and
followtrail to Access Point #5

Access Point #5
35.69754°, 93.75774°
Intersection of Redding West and East Loops
and Spur to Spy Rock and the OHT

WF #1 Spy Rock Falls
35.69373°, 93.75690°

Parking Area "E"
35.70222°, 93.76196°
(This is actually a road drainage ditch)

Parking Area "F"
35.70259°, 93.76217°
(This is also a road drainage ditch)

Entrance to trail to Spy Rock Vista
35.70247°, 93.46213°

Access Point #7 Sky Rock Vista
35.70091°, 93.76751°

The way down to the lower Sky Rock Vista

Lower Sky Rock Vista
35.70085°, 93.76772°

Access Point #6 (35.70280°, 93.76191°)
Head north to access the OHT, or south to access
Redding Loop

Access Point #8 (35.70471°, 93.75491°)
The OHT at New Mile 45.1

New Mile Marker on the OHT
35.70627°, 93.75481°