TAKAHIK River Valley Hikers
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From Hwy. 21 and 43, in Boxley Valley, take Hwy. 21 west, 3.9 miles to MC 3260 on the left. (Across Hwy. from NC 1300, Fire Tower Rd. and road to Azalea Falls Lodge).

Take MC 3260 for 3.1 miles to Parking Area on the right, passing old truck on left at 2.3 miles and MC 3795 road sign at 2.7 miles. The Wilderness Rider Buffalo Ranch

and Adventure Park and Campground is just on down the road on the left.   Or from Kingston, take Hwy. 21 east, 5.2 miles to MC 3260 on the right.

Madison County 3260 entrance on South side
of Hwy. 21

Madison County 3260

Sign on North side of Hwy. 21

The Ranch is just down the road passed
Sweden Creek Natural Area

Old truck at 2.3 miles from Hwy. 21 on the left.

Madison County 3795 sign at 2.7 miles from
Hwy. 21 on the right.

Sweden Creek Natural Area sign and gate
at 3.1 miles from Hwy. 21 on the right.

Parking Area is on right just before S.C.N.A. sign.
35.97232°, 93.45143°

Sweden Creek Natural Area (Sign)
Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
Removal of Plants or Non-Game Animals Prohibited
Foot Traffic Only

Sign along boundary of Natural Area

Trail is marked with Blue Markers

Old fencing on left

Old building 35.97270°, 93.45568°
First on right

Old building 35.97297°, 93.45586°
Second on right

Old Conc. Block foundation on left
35.97329°, 93.45644°

Building across road from Garage
35.97345°, 93.45629°

35.97339°, 93.45616°

35.97360°, 93.45590°

Barrel and Water Valve behind house
35.97348°, 93.45549°

Old Outhouse (Non-functional)
35.97333°, 93.45541°

Access Point "A"
35.97382°, 93.45600°

Access Point "B"
Bear Crack to get down below bluff and to WF #2-5
and access to Top Trail

35.97418°, 93.45620°

Looking up at WF #2
35.97425°, 93.45604°

Below WF #3, with WF #2 in background
35.97437°, 93.45607°

WF #4 on Top
35.97447°, 93.45611°

Sweden Creek Falls
35.97145°, 93.45915°

Sweden Creek Falls from the top

Top of Sweden Creek Falls

Drainage from the top

WF #1
35.97386°, 93.45528°

Spring (Conc. Box)
35.97258°, 93.45338°

Gate on 3246 Private Drive
35.97167°, 93.45139°

Old Truck
35.97092°, 93.45342°